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We might be accused of elitism, but let's face it: ModelsHotel is what it is because of our strict standards for membership.  It's the reason we're able to offer extraordinary RoomKey Perks, the reason we can offer admission to top fashion events, and the reason our members' inboxes and forums aren't overflowing with spam, amateur discussions and sketchy "solicitations."


That said, we'll admit the standards are not easy to wrap your head around. To be a member of ModelsHotel one needs to have a proven foothold in the fashion industry. That means you're a model represented by a top agency, a writer who has published multiple stories with top publications, a designer who has shown at top fashion weeks, or another fashion professional who breathes the rarified air of high fashion.  No amateurs. No poseurs. No wannabes.


It's important that we maintain these standards to protect the integrity of our private community, but it's just as important that people who belong on ModelsHotel are able to join. If you think the application of a friend of yours was incorrectly rejected, use the referral button at the top left of every page.  An applicant's chances of joining are greatly increased with each unique referral, and applicants with three or more unique referrals get the benefit of the doubt. Just make sure you're referring friends in accordance with our membership standards.


We think the newly launched is the sweetest slice of social networking software served on the net, but that doesn't mean it doesn't have a few quirks. It is, after all, a work in progress. Many of the site's features are still on the road to completion, and annoying little bugs are bound to splatter the windshield along the way. When you notice something amiss, or if we're missing a feature you really want, hit the contact button at the bottom of the page and tell the FrontDesk.


ModelsHotel members are a classy bunch, but that doesn't mean we don't occasionally break a rule or cross a line. Still, it's important that we respect each other and keep the site clean, so please familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions set forth at and report any bad behavior by hitting the "contact" button at the bottom of every page. We won't say who told unless you give us permission.