About ModelsHotel

ModelsHotel is a boutique, by-referral-only network connecting the world of high end fashion. Membership is restricted to top agency-represented fashion models, established designers, photographers, stylists, agents, entrepreneurs, writers, and other trend-setting members of the global fashion community.

ModelsHotel offers its members both a virtual and non-virtual experience through fashion-related features and real world benefits, including the ability for members to:

  • Connect with friends and build a professional network to assist their fashion careers
  • RSVP to exclusive by-invitation-only fashion events
  • Share their fashion portfolio and customize their user profile
  • Share their current status, recent bookings and new projects and view those of their friends
  • Share career advice, opinions and gossip in our community discussion groups
  • And much more!

Additionally, every member of ModelsHotel is entitled to receive the RoomKey membership card at no cost to the member. The RoomKey gives our members hassle-free access to extraordinary discounts, freebies, event admission and other perks at top nightclubs, restaurants, retail stores, cosmetic dentists, and other brick and mortar locations around New York City and, eventually, the world. For more information about the ModelsHotel RoomKey program or anything else relating to ModelsHotel, please click "Contact" at the bottom of any page of www.modelshotel.com.